Award Recipient and veteran housing expert, Mr. Kemp, brings to the table knowledge, experience and caring for fair housing, home ownership, and equal opportunities for all mankind within the United States and abroad! Kemp holds a Bachelor's (B.S.) and Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA).  He has earned the front page of business newspapers and magazines throughout his career, he has been the Director of the Leon County Division of Housing Services and the Leon County Housing Finance Authority for the past seven years.

Mr. Kemp has been in the affordable housing industry for more than 22 years, in multiple disciplines such as: Director of Housing; Real Estate Trade Association Executive Director; Real Estate Developer; Real Estate Investor; Licensed Residential Builder, Commercial and Residential Loan Officer; Business Consultant, Financier, and a HUD Certified Home Buyer Educator. Mr. Kemp maintains a current license as a residential contractor.

At the end of 2008, Mr. Kemp completed construction on the first 100% light gauge steel frame house in Leon County, a 2,700’ square foot, 3 bathroom, 4 bath, gas fireplace, Renai Water Heaters, hardwood flooring, brick veneer single-family home in Edenberg Estates in Tallahassee, Florida.

Nineteen years earlier in 1996, Kemp began a stint at the South Florida Chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc., (NAREB), as Executive Director.

At NAREB, he accomplished the following: (1) Administered for four (4) years a successful Homeowner Assistance Program for very low-, low-, and moderate-income families, during which 2,000 home sales totaled more than One Hundred Fifty Million ($150,000,000.00) dollars, and, over 2,000 first-time home buying families obtained homes. (2) In 1999, obtained ninety million ($90,000,000.00) dollars in loan guarantees from FreddieMac, to administer a special “Home Help to Ownership (H2O)” program for South Florida, powered by a 2% down payment requirement, no FICO score, and not limited to first time home-buyers. 

(3) Administered the Dreammaker Program for South Florida, whereby twenty-five ($25,000,000.00) million dollars in guarantees were set aside by FannieMae to make 1% down payment loans to under-served communities in Broward and Dade Counties. (4) Published the “Realtists Section” in several of South Florida’s newspapers, getting the word out about home ownership, serving the membership and the community at-large with pertinent industry developments, home buying education, and general housing industry current information. (5) Procured and implemented a National NEW-MLS, multiple listing service, delivered on the Internet, and available for use by NAREB members throughout the country.

(6) Produced a weekly half-hour radio talk show entitled “Democracy in Housing”, whereby the listening audience is treated to industry secrets of successful first time home buying, second home purchasing, home financing assistance, equity loans, home maintenance, and more. Twenty-five years earlier, when Kemp first moved to Florida in 1990, he formed Gulf Atlantic Industrial Supply, Inc., which in 1993 was listed in the South Florida Business Journal as one of the largest (12th) Black owned businesses in South Florida in 1992 with nearly One Million in revenue. Also in 1993, he was identified as a candidate for and included in, WHO’S WHO IN LEADING AMERICAN EXECUTIVES.

In May 1994, Kemp secured a ten-year, $1.8 billion contract to build 60,000 affordable houses in Gabon for its working class and poor citizens. Kemp made eleven (11) additional trips to Africa, negotiating for bank guarantees and natural resources to be used as collateral and assets for development. In 1995, due to Kemp’s tireless effort toward human and economic development in Africa, he received the Businessman of the year award from the Vanguard Chronicle.

However, by the end of 1995, Africa suffered an economic crisis, making it difficult to convert African assets into funding, therefore the project had not bared fruit due to the lack of financing. As of August 2015, the following projects are still in progress: a. Secondary mortgage portfolio development; b. Free trade zone expansion technical support and business development; c. affordable housing development. Funding is in place through the Export-Import Bank of the United States as a result of Mr. Kemp’s previous successful work with that institution. Twenty-nine years earlier, Kemp’s marketing expertise was proven while he was the Director of Marketing for Washington Cable Supply, Inc., from 1986 to 1990. It was there he became an expert in the Government and Corporate bid process in the United States, earning millions of dollars in revenue from corporate giants such as General Motors, TRW, Bell Atlantic, Conrail, Atlantic Richfield, Coors, and Ford Aerospace. Mr. Kemp’s clients also included Cable Television system operators T.C.I, Comcast, Jones, Media General, Adelphia, and Warner; and Government municipalities such as City of Philadelphia, City of Baltimore, Washington-Maryland-Virginia Departments of Transportation, Census Bureau, Federal Bureau of Investigation, State of Maryland, State of Virginia, U.S. House of Representatives, and Three Mile Island.

Lamarr Kemp, Sr., MBA 

Mr. Kemp’s daily activities involve affordable housing program management in housing rehabilitation, housing replacement, foreclosure prevention, down payment assistance, low income tax credit bond issuance, mortgage revenue bond issuance, and, home buyer education. Mr. Kemp manages an annual budget of between $4 million and $8 million dollars in housing programmatic funding, and is responsible for managing $16 million dollars in LITC Bond Issuance funding and $4.5 million dollars of mortgage revenue bond funding for down payment assistance, annually.

Mr. Kemp is actively involved in the community supporting affordable housing initiatives locally, nationally, and internationally. Mr. Kemp serves on the Boards of the Tallahassee Fuller Center for Housing; Swift, Thomas, Kemp Development Group, Inc, the Executive Committee of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc., the African American Real Estate Trade Association; and the Planning Committee of the Big Bend Homeless Coalition Continuum of Care. Mr. Kemp also serves as President of Mortgage Refinancing International, Inc., Vice President of the Southern Institute for Family & Community Preservation, Inc., and Vice President of the Sacretherapy Institute and  UR2.Global.

Being successful nationally at Telecommunications, Corporate, and Government Industry business procurement, Kemp parlayed his Government bid experience into the international finance arena by obtaining approved vendor status with the Export/Import Bank of the United States’ insured Export Division. Over one million dollars in orders were completed successfully to Mexico, Trinidad, Costa Rica, Columbia, Argentina, Canada, and Bermuda. In May 1993, Kemp attended the Second African-African-American Summit, held in Libreville, Gabon, West Central Africa, sponsored by Ron Brown and Leon Sullivan, and attended by Jesse Jackson, Coretta Scott King, Douglas Wilder, Dick Gregory, Dorothy Height, and nine hundred (900) others. It was the largest exodus of Black back to Africa since Slavery.  (Pictured right  in Sun Sentinel with his wife.)

Lamarr D. Kemp, Sr., MBA

"The empowerment of

mankind begins

with his belief that

he can become

economically self-sufficent...."