Mr. Kemp is a seasoned housing expert and holds a Masters of Business Administration Degree. Over his career in housing, he has had a total economic impact of Five Hundred Twenty Million Dollars ($520,000,000.00) which included grants, programmatic funding, and community and real estate development. During his twenty-five tenure in housing, he has served in multiple roles such as: Director of Housing; Real Estate Trade Association Executive Director; Real Estate Developer; Real Estate Investor; Licensed Residential Builder; Commercial and Residential Loan Officer; Business Consultant; Financier; and a HUD Certified Home Buyer Educator. He also maintains a current license as a Residential Contractor.

Leon County Government Highlights

Mr. Kemp retired from his position as the Director of Leon County Division of Housing Services and the Leon County Housing Finance Authority where he served for eight years, from 2009-2017.

While at the County, Mr. Kemp managed an annual budget of between $4 million and $8 million dollars in housing programmatic funding (grants), won $11 million in federal and state disaster recovery funding, managed $16 million dollars in Low-Income Tax Credit Bond Issuance funding for multi-family units and 44.5 million dollars of mortgage revenue bond funding for down payment assistance, annually. In 2010, Mr. Kemp assisted ninety-seven (97) first-time home buyers purchase their own home, supplying $750,000.00 in total down payment assistance funding with closed loans totaling $12,125.000.00. From 2013 thru 2016, Mr. Kemp assisted two hundred seventy-five (275) first-time home buyers supplying $2.3 million in total down payment assistance funding with closed loans totaling: $27,500,000.00.

Kemp's Housing Rehabilitation Programs completed 410 housing rehabilitation projects, 94 demolition and home construction projects, and saved 326 homeowners from foreclosure. Total community impact in these categories surpassed $108,250,000.00 million dollars in addition to the more than $40,000,000.00 in home buyer programmatic funding referenced above.

Mr. Kemp created and produced two semi-annual Home Expo events for citizens to attend to learn about everything “housing”, including home repair with live hands-on demonstrations, down payment assistance, foreclosure prevention, and weatherization. Home Expo participants and instructors included Home Depot, Lowe’s, Tallahassee Lender’s Consortium, Capital City Bank, Capital Area Community Action Agency, Keller Williams, and Habitat for Humanity.

​Annually, Mr. Kemp managed the housing repair, housing rehabilitation, and housing replacement 911 Day of Service community project in honor of our fallen first-responders and victims at the World Trade Center in 2001. 100+ volunteers would come together and perform much needed activities in low income communities. In 2015, Mr. Kemp’s community service project received national acclaim as “best overall community service project” by the National Association of Counties.

Housing Resource & Empowerment Center, Inc.

Mr. Kemp was President of HRECI Consultant Group (2000-2008) which was HUD Certified and involved in mortgage lending, real estate development, home building, grant writing, and home buyer education workshops. 

National Association of Real Estate Brokers Highlights:

Executive Director - (1996 – 2000) National Association of Real Estate Broker, Inc. (NAREB) – South Florida Chapter. During his tenure, Kemp accomplished the following:

Administered a successful Homeowner Assistance Program for “very low to moderate-income families” during which over 2,000 home sales totaled more than One Hundred Fifty Million ($150,000,000.00) dollars, and, over 2,000 first-time home buying families obtained homes.

Obtained ninety million ($90,000,000.00) dollars in loan guarantees from FreddieMac, to administer a special “Home Help to Ownership (H2O)” program for South Florida, powered by a 2% down payment requirement, no FICO score, and not limited to first time homebuyers.

Administered the Dreammaker Program for South Florida, whereby twenty-five ($25,000,000.00) million dollars in guarantees were set aside by FannieMae to make 1% down payment loans to under-served communities in Broward and Dade Counties.

Published the “Realtists Section” in several of South Florida’s newspapers, getting the word out about home ownership, serving the membership and the community at-large with pertinent industry developments, home buying education, and general housing industry current information.

Procured and implemented a National NEW-MLS, multiple listing service, delivered on the Internet, and available for use by NAREB members throughout the country, and still in use today.

Created and produced a weekly half-hour radio talk show entitled “Democracy in Housing”, whereby the listening audience is treated to industry secrets of successful first-time home buying, second home purchasing, home financing assistance, equity loans, home maintenance, and more.

International Business Highlights

Kemp parlayed his Government bid experience into the international finance arena by obtaining approved vendor status with the Export/Import Bank of the United States’ insured Export Division. Over one million dollars in orders were completed successfully to Mexico, Trinidad, Costa Rica, Columbia, Argentina, Canada, and Bermuda. 

In May 1993, Kemp attended the Second African-African-American Summit, held in Libreville, Gabon, West Central Africa, sponsored by Ron Brown and Leon Sullivan, and attended by Jesse Jackson, Coretta Scott King, Douglas Wilder, Dick Gregory, Dorothy Height, and nine hundred (900) others. It was the largest exodus of Black
back to Africa since Slavery.


Mr. Kemp returned to Gabon, Africa, later that year at the personal invitation of the President of that Country, El Hadj Omar Bongo. President Bongo asked that he be a bridge for African-Americans and friends of African-Americans to cross over into Africa to do business. In 1993, El Hadj Omar Bongo was listed as the 10th richest man in the world.

In May 1994, Kemp secured a ten-year, $1.8 billion contract to build 60,000 affordable houses in Gabon for its working class and poor citizens.


Kemp made eleven (11) additional trips to Africa, negotiating for bank guarantees and natural resources to be used as collateral and assets for development. 

However, by the end of 1995, Africa suffered an economic crisis, making it difficult to convert African assets into funding, therefore the project had not bared fruit due to the lack of financing. As of August 2018, the following projects are still in progress: a. secondary mortgage portfolio fund to support housing development; b. free-trade zone expansion for technical support and business incubator development; c. community development with affordable housing with schools-vocational training, and clinics-hospitals. In 2019, Mr. Kemp plans to host a doing-business in Africa conference in the United States. Funding for Africa projects will be sought through Export-Import Bank of the United States as a result of Mr. Kemp’s previous successful work with that institution.

Plans to open a gemstone processing plant in the United States has been earmarked for 2019. More than $30,000,000.00 dollars in rough-mined garnet, Grossularite-Andradite, is currently inventoried in the U.S., negotiated for on previous trips to Africa, for transforming natural resources into revenue streams for economic and human development on the African continent for shelter, health, and food production activity. 

Outstanding Achievements & Community Service


President on the Board of the Tallahassee Fuller Center for Housing – 2018 (Current)

Received national acclaim as “Best Overall Community Service Project” by the National Association of Counties - 2015

Executive Committee Member of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (Current)
African-American Real Estate Trade Association (Current)

Planning Committee of the Big Bend Homeless Coalition Continuum of Care (Current)

Vice President of The Sacretherapy Institute – UR2.Global Self-Esteem Project (Current)

Businessman of the Year Award from the Vanguard Chronicle -1995


Listed in the South Florida Business Journal as one of the largest (12th) Black- Owned Businesses in South Florida with nearly One Million in revenue - 1993

He has used the Strategic Partner/Team Approach to provide an array of Management and Technical Assistance Services to private individuals, local governments, non profits, small and minority-owner businesses and organizations. 

After an Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Army, he attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. and Rutgers University Law School in Newark, New Jersey from which he received his BA Degree in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate of Law.  While completing his studies at Howard and Rutgers, he held various full and part-time positions including Legal Assistant to the Corporation Counsel of the city of Newark, N.J., Community College Instructor and various Management positions in Non Profit Organizations and Local Government in the cities of Newark, N.J., Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C.

After completing Law School, he relocated to the state of Maryland where he spent more than fifteen (15) years in Executive Management Positions including Executive Director of the Metropolitan Baltimore Business Resource Center; City Administrator for the Cities of Seat Pleasant and Glenarden, Maryland; Deputy Director of Prince George’s County UCAP; and Deputy Director of the D.C. Bureau of Traffic Adjudication. He also served as Criminal Investigator for the Howard County State Attorney’s Office.

After leaving the District of Columbia Government, he found and served as President and CEO of Thomas, Swift, Thornton, Inc., a Management Consulting Firm. For more than 5 years, the firm, working with the Federal, State and Local Governments and Regional Councils of Governments, provided Circuit-Rider City Management Services, Technical Assistance, Planning and Development Services to Small Towns, Local Housing Authorities (Section 8 and Public Housing Inspections, Rehabilitation and Weatherization) and Minority Businesses Development throughout the South Eastern Corridor of North Carolina.

Mr. Pickett, hard at work!

He later returned to Maryland where he found and served as President and CEO of AFRAC Industries, Inc., a CIP Structural Concrete Corporation.  For more than twelve (12) years, the firm provided Sub-Contract Construction Services to Major Construction Firms involved in Constructing multi-million dollars Sub-Surface Subway Tunnels, Vent Shafts and Large Commercial Buildings in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Chicago, Illinois.  The firm was selected as one of five Minority Firms to construct major portions of the Cap Beam for the Slurry walls and foundation for the 600 million dollar New Washington, D.C. Convention Center.

His current and former membership association includes such organizations as the Anne Arundel County Caucus of African American Leaders, The National, North Carolina and Anne Arundel County Chapters of the NAACP, D.C. Chamber of Commerce, the Anne Arundel County Black Chamber of Commerce, the National and Maryland City Managers Association, N.C. Magistrate Association, Rutgers University and Howard University Alumni Association

He is a recipient of  Certificates of Proficiency in Executive and Organization Development- Howard University;  Municipal Finance and Budgeting -The Joint Center of Political and Economic Studies; Financial Management for Local Governments - U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development; and Labor Relations and Negotiation - U.S. Dept. of Labor and The University of Maryland.


William Swift, M.A.S. - Treasurer

About the Team

Innovator, industrialist and creative genius only begin to describe Mr. Swift's contribution to the field of administrative policy and financial management. He holds a B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry and a Master of Administrative Science from The Johns Hopkins University with concentrations in; Administrative Policy Formulation; Financial Management; Production and Operations Management; and Human Resources Development and Management, Prepared and Administered Operating Budgets of over $30 million dollars for the State of Maryland Department of Social Services covering 23 counties and Baltimore City. 

His professional accomplishments include having sold and performed Appraisals of Real Estate; Originated Mortgages for Commercial and Residential Property; Owned and operated a Rental Real Estate Portfolio; formulated several business entities in non-profit and for profit areas.

He also brings expertise in Grant writing, funding a Vocational Training School,; development of Management Information and Reporting Systems; Authoring of Personnel Policy and Procedures Manuals; Development of Employee Evaluations; Personnel Representative Administration of Personnel Policies, Labor Relations and Contract Negotiations in an 900 employee organization.

He was an Assistant Town Manager/ Personnel Officer where he supervised the day-to-day operation; Authored Legislation and Resolutions for action by Municipal Governing Bodies.

He was the Assistant Finance Officer that managed Accounts Payable through three supervisors who supervised a pool of 36 accounting clerks; Supervised the Banking Unit of the Baltimore City Department of Social Services; Employment Manager supervising 6 recruiters filing 100 jobs per month; Compensation Analyst on a team evaluating and classifying 2700 jobs. 

As an educator he has taught chemistry and mathematics; a former Director of Operations over 100 employees; Project Director of Manpower Training Program; Vocational Counselor; Transportation Administrator handling operations of 600 delivery trucks operating out of 16 garages in 6 States; prepared tax returns for individual and business clients as well as provided consultant services to businesses on development.

Attorney Pickett has served humanity as a leader and champion for equal opportunties throughout his entire 30 year career. Interested in the economic well-being and sustainability of urban communities, he is guided by the philosophy that success is possible through planning, faith, persistence and the use of a Master-Mind Group.

Our Record Speaks For Itself.....

Lamarr Kemp, Sr., MBA - President

Pickett Thomas, Jr., J.D. - Vice President